You entered a cafe, ordered and got your cappuccino? – This is usually the end of a cafe experience. Not in the pottery art café! Here the fun has just begun!

How does this work? It’s simple!

1. Come any time and get started.
No reservations necessary. No time limit.

2. Choose a mug, plate or vase
(There are over 200 blank styles in the shop).

3. Choose your colors (You can choose from
more than 120 different shades).

4. Paint your piece according to your taste
and let us glaze and fire it for you.

5. In only a few days you can pick up your
very own personalized artwork.

  • pottery art night: every last Thursday of the month paint at Cologne Mitte until midnight with sparking wine and buffet (reservations only)
  • Ladies Night: every Wednesday of the month paint at Cologne Sülz until 10 pm with sweets and sparkling wine (reservations only)
  • Gift certificates