The first Sunday of every month:
complimentary French breakfast for painting guests (by reservation only).
The last Thursday of every month:
pottery art night – paint from 7 pm until midnight with sparkling wine, buffet and workshop (by reservation only).

Mobile pottery art café

You’d rather have your corporate party or birthday celebration at home or at the office? We come to your place with ceramics, colors and all the necessary tools and assist you with painting. All you will have to do is come and pick up the fired pieces a week later.

Farewell gifts

You are looking for a nice gift for your teacher or a friend?
Just buy a plate, let everybody sign it with a pencil and then bring it back to us. We will paint the signatures with ceramic colors and fire the plate. No additional costs.

Photos on ceramics

You wish to add a picture to your decorated ceramic or to make a ceramic with your logo on it? We offer a professional photoprinting opportunity. Your picture will be printed on a special film and then fired together with the ceramic at over 800°C, which makes it completely scratch-resistant.


Different painting techniques are held regularly. Call to ask for dates and techniques.

Painting on commission

You don’t have time? We paint for you. Projects from our gallery or your own ideas.

Painting at home

You are too busy to come to the pottery art café or would rather enjoy painting sitting in your living room? No problem! You can pick your ceramic pieces and colors and then just bring them back for firing. No additional costs.